Life is GRAND Project

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Before I had kids, I never knew the amount of love and appreciation I would have for my parents becoming grandparents.

There is something indescribably awesome about seeing my parents and my husbands parents, with our children. There is a love that can’t be explained between a grandparent and a child. For me, it is like seeing the very greatest version of these people.

I recently lost my mom. She was the epitome of a loving, wonderful, grandmother and “Grammy.” To see her with my children was to see the truest love there is.

It got me thinking that I wish I had more photos of my kids with their grandparents. And not only that, but everyone should have photos with their grandparents (or whomever plays that role in their life).

They are a precious gift.

In this photo project, I wanted to capture the love of a grandparent. I didn’t necessarily want a posed picture. I wanted them to interact just like they always do. And they did. And the photos make my heart want to explode. If you look at the faces of every single child and grandparent in these photos, they are TRULY happy. They seem to me as if all their worries are gone for that moment. They seem relaxed and genuine and happy.

Treasure each moment.

Life is GRAND.